For the first visit, one has the choice to see him in person and in certain circumstances via Skype. Follow-ups are also either done in person or Skype.

For information about fee amounts, please email or call the administration line listed below. Fees are structured per appointment and not on a time basis. The consultation is as long as it takes to get the required information. There may be follow up questions after the consultation but this is included in the one fee.

The first consultation is usually scheduled for 1.5 hours. The follow-ups also have ample time and are infrequent, (usually every  5-6 weeks in the beginning and then every 3-6 months) and are 45 minutes long.

The fee per appointment also includes the ability to call or email Louis Klein for a quick question or quick check-in outside of the appointment time. Longer conversations or appointments, off hours calls in between appointments can be charged for.

Frequently, cases are reviewed prior and after each appointment. Many times, further study and research is required and this can take even up to 1 or 2 hours of time. All this is included in the per appointment consultation fee.

Individual results vary and it may takes more than one interview and more than one homeopathic remedy before an effect is seen.

If you have some general questions or wish to set up an appointment, please email Aryana at info at for information on all offices and locations.