How can I participate?

You don’t have to ‘believe’ in homeopathic remedies in order for them to work (we treat babies and animals). But in order to come up with the correct remedy and for the treatment to continue to act, your cooperation and commitment is necessary. You can help in the following areas:

1. Clarity- Be clear and complete about your symptoms on all levels.

2. Noting Changes- After you take the remedy, note changes. Keeping a weekly journal can be helpful and bring it to your follow-up visits. Note general and specific changes.

3. Avoiding Antidotes- Avoid the elements that effect the treatment, and if you do something that is on the anti-doting list, like drinking coffee (regularly), be
forthright about this. We can discuss it!

4. Commitment and Patience- A commitment to a long-term process with patience is really a commitment to your long-term well being. Homeopathic remedies and treatment are not like regular drugs in their effect. It can be QUITE SOME TIME AFTER you have taken a homeopathic remedy to see a positive effect so patience is required. If the remedy is incorrect there will be no response which will be dealt with (and described in more detail below), but its important that you are patient and wait the amount of time between appointments. If there is a concern that comes up though, please contact us.

5. Communicate- Above all, communicate any concerns or questions you may have. We are always trying to find better means of serving you and are very open to your concerns.