What happens if my symptoms seem to come back after I have gotten better?

If you initially have a strongly curative response to a remedy,and then a relapse seems to occur, we usually recommend to wait another 2-3 weeks in order to see if your system doesn’t rebalance itself. If any symptoms come on strongly, notify the office and/or your M.D. If the rebalancing does not occur after this 2-3 week period, then a repeat of the remedy may be necessary. In that case an appointment or phone call would be appropriate.

Don’t get disappointed or dicouraged at this point and feel that homeopathy is not working for you – this is just a temporary, and many times, expected phase of getting you to a consistent level of good health.

This situation may also indicate that a new remedy is needed as a new ‘layer’ of symptoms from the past has come up, and needs to be rectified.