What is the homeopathic process in more complex or chronic cases, and how long does this take?

In more complex cases, homeopathic treatment is like peeling away ‘layers of an onion.’ Briefly, this means that we build up layers of symptoms or pathology as a response to certain stresses and influences we go through in life. The ‘layers’ are laid down and can be ‘peeled’ away effectively with homeopathic remedies.

During the course of treatment, old sets of symptoms may come up; but with each consecutive remedy you become healthier, and the symptoms will not be as severe as in the past. A new recurrence of an old set of symptoms will be the indication for a new remedy to be given. We believe that even hereditary predisposition can be eliminated with homeopathy.

So in long-term deep or complex chronic problems, the curative process may be more gradual, and long term interaction more necessary. For these situations, many years of homeopathic treatment (with long intervals in between) may be necessary, especially in those who have had their limitations for many years.