What is the primary method for homeopathic treatment?

True constitutional homeopathy does not treat specific diseases, but treats individuals. Hence a detailed understanding of the patient is fundamental for a correct prescription to be made. The interview is verbal without any physical examination.

The homeopath must come to a very complete understanding of an individual in a relatively short space of time. The questioning process is the very essence of forming and developing this understanding.

The homeopath needs to be an acute listener and observer – her/his job is primarily to get your symptom picture, and match this to a remedy. We simply want to hear your story, listen sympathetically without making any value judgments, and match this information to the right remedy.

To match a ‘remedy’ to an individual, the homeopath must know all the person’s limitations clearly; this includes mental, emotional, and physical levels, general energy, effects of environment, causative factors, etc. Further research may be required to choose the individual and correct one for you.

Usually before and after each interview the notes are reviewed for both current and future homeopathic considerations.