Where and when is the best time to telephone?

Louis Klein has his central office on Bowen Island B.C. Canada. As he also teaches homeopathy, he may be frequently away.

He can be reached on Bowen Island by calling his direct line: (604)947-0763.

Sometimes, in his absence, another homeopath will call you back if you leave an urgent request. It may take 48 hours to get a call back so if its an emergency get someone to take you to your nearest emergency room.

He also sets aside a morning every few weeks to answer general phone questions. These mornings are an ideal time to reach him for questions, and even a phone consultation! There may be a charge if its more than a quick question or brief discussion.

Call his Bowen Island number at 604-947-0763 to find out the date and time of the next phone-in morning.

Email is also a very good way to reach him: health@louisklein.com
Email Louis Klein directly by clicking here- health@louisklein.com

For appointments, and appointment changes, as well as billing information for Louis Klein, or to speak to his assistant please call 604-947-0757, or email to:info@louisklein.com. Email Administration by clicking here- info@louisklein.com

Phone Numbers

Louis Klein Direct Line Bowen Island: 604-947-0763.
Louis Klein Direct email: health@louisklein.com

Administration: 604-947-0757
Email: info@louisklein.com