About Wellness With Homeopathy

You can positively achieve wellness. Homeopathy is a specific type of natural therapy that assists the body in achieving this.  It is a very detailed system of healing based upon the principle of energetically stimulating the body to heal itself. It is non-toxic and highly effective. Widespread throughout Europe, and also in Central and South America, India, and Africa, homeopathy is experiencing a resurgence as part of the movement toward alternative medicine.  The principles underlying the specialty of homeopathy have been systematically proven throughout two centuries of practice results and validated by over 200 scientific studies meeting modern criteria of acceptability.

What are the principles underlying homeopathy?
Homeopathy was founded by a German physician named Samuel Hahnemann in the 1800’s.  The principles that he elucidated have stood the test of time and application.

The basic principle, verified by vast clinical experience, is: Like Cures Like — A substance that produces sensations in a healthy person will cure those very symptoms in a sick person. Healthy individuals called “provers” are given a substance in a highly dilute form or energetic form and carefully record their symptoms. This highly diluted energetic resonance of a substance is then given to a sick person with similar symptoms.

Homeopaths observe that virtually all substances — plant, mineral, or animal — may produce sensations if given carefully to sensitive individuals or in larger quantities to less sensitive people. These sensations are painstakingly catalogued in Materia Medicas, which are then elaborately analyzed (in modern days, by computer) to match the sensation properties of substances to actual symptom pictures of clients.

In the homeopathic perspective, symptoms are any limitations of freedom, whether mental, emotional, or physical. The homeopath’s job is to match an energetic resonance of a substance to the total picture that a patient is exhibiting.

What is the method?
There are various ways of applying homeopathic remedies, from giving it for specific ailments or acute problems to a more profound method that deals with deeper and persistent chronic challenges. Homeopathic energetic remedies are even available over the counter for acute problems. The difference would be that the intention in the more profound method is to grapple with the individual nature of the deeper problem, the person as a whole as opposed to simply dealing with a symptom or two.

In this method, Louis Klein conducts a very detailed interview addressing all major and minor symptoms of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical planes. Each problem is elucidated as to what makes it better or worse, when it occurs, whether there are others in conjunction, what circumstances produce it, what stresses seem to lead to it, and whatever hereditary traits contribute. A total symptom picture is built which is then matched to the best possible snapshot of a person’s health and factors that lead to and continues the problem state.

After careful consideration, a homeopathic remedy or an energetic individual resonance is selected.  This is quite a daunting task but sophisticated computer data bases, historical texts and modern techniques make the task much more accurate. Louis Klein has actually been involved in the development and even teaching of these new modern techniques and computerization.

In this deeper method, progress is carefully monitored at six to eight weekly intervals or longer as needed. The follow up interviews are not as long as the initial interview and as time goes on the interval between follow ups gets significantly longer.

Another important aspect of this method is that if the remedy is correct, there is improvement on many different levels not withstanding the main problem. An improvement and balancing of the whole person is achieved. If the remedy given is incorrect, essentially nothing at all happens — the patient is neither worse nor better as a whole even despite minor changes. In that case, another remedy is selected. Individual results do vary and it may take more than one interview to select the correct remedy.

What are homeopathic remedies?
Energetically potentized from plants, minerals, earth salts, animal tissue, other elements, there are over 3,500 homeopathic remedies. Examples from daily practice are Pulsatilla (Windflower), Sepia (ink of the cuttlefish), Calcarea carbonica (calcium carbonate from oyster shells), Sulphur (the element), and Natrum muriaticum (sodium chloride, table salt).

Orchid is one type of plant used to make a specific homeopathic remedy.

Homeopathy is called “energy medicine” and the remedies are ultimately created to produce an energetic resonance without any material substance in them. Remedies are all prepared by approved pharmacies through serial dilutions of the original substance, with forceful shaking between each dilution. There is no therapeutic effect if the substance is either diluted without shaking, or shaken without dilution. Through over 200 years of experience with these specially prepared remedies, it has been known that the energetic effect is very potent when this total process is followed. Then the remedy is matched precisely to the symptom picture of the individual patient as described above. The final process of preparing the remedy specifically for the patient is technically called “compounding” even though only one remedy at a time is used.

There are many theories about why this happens. Modern physics now has some explanations. This seeming paradox has been recently elucidated by a variety of studies throughout the world since 1995 — clarifying special Quantum Electrodynamic processes occurring only in dilute solutions of water or other dipolar solvents. Essentially, some think that the process of shaking and diluting creates clusters of water molecules aligned with associated electromagnetic fields. When there is resonance between the remedy “vibration” and the patient’s symptoms, the structure of water changes and improves all the chemical reactions involved in bodily processes.

Is homeopathy just placebo effect?
There is currently some controversy about homeopathy and homeopathic remedies  whether there is an effect or not. There are vitriolic amateur “debunkers” and some medical authorities who claim there is no effect. Since the sale of homeopathic remedies, particularly in India has exploded there is much support from the pharmaceutical industry for this view and those who espouse it.

There is placebo effect arising from the holistic nature and thoroughness of a well-taken homeopathic interview. However, in our experience homeopathy is very effective in babies and animals who are not swayed under this effect. And over 89 carefully designed double-blind clinical and laboratory studies have been published proving its effectiveness. Tissue and cell cultures also respond quantitatively to exposure to remedies.

What is the homeopathic interview like?
The first interview usually lasts one to one and a half hours. It is solely verbal. The task of the homeopath and patient is to create a full picture of all the unique and even peculiar aspects of the person’s disposition along with the disease and its progression. Looking at mental, emotional, and physical aspects together, an effort is made to grasp all the ways in which the vital force is already trying to heal. The focus of the interview is on how this is uniquely being expressed by you as an individual.

What happens if a wrong remedy is given?
Generally nothing at all. Remedies are non-toxic and energetic. The remedy must resonate with the person, otherwise nothing happens. Sometimes symptoms change subtly without much overall progress. This signifies a remedy is close but not exact. We are looking for more profound change and this can help to clarify the more correct remedy. Results from homeopathy vary from individual to individual and many times long-term homeopathic interactions may be necessary.

Should I stop my medications and see a medical doctor?

It is not recommend that you stop any medications that have been prescribed except under the supervision of your medical doctor.

It is important that you continue to see a licensed physician for your current condition and any conditions that may arise.

Is special advice given on lifestyle, diets or vitamins?
At the first interview, you will be directed to this web site or a printed packet that outlines the treatment protocol, possible interfering factors and how to contact the homeopath. On the web site, you access this information through a password protected area- “For current patients only” located on the front page.

After a few interviews, there may be some discussion of obstacles to getting better.

Louis Klein uses homeopathy to enhance your general well being and health and not to treat a specific disease. Results do vary and individual results are not guaranteed.

The information on this web site, louisklein.com is not intended to give treatment advice, especially about the taking of homeopathic remedies or stoppage of other medications. Always see a licensed physician and experienced registered homeopath.